insight story

insight story

Amusement parks are in the business of selling memories.

A visit to an amusement park can leave you with just as many vivid memories as an entire vacation. Any amusement park should think of ways to sell different memorabilia and produce specific memorable moments.

(Obvious arguments, ethnography, focus groups, product range development)

insight story

The spirit of the smartphone is optimism.

People who make best use of their smartphones feel like masters of their own universes and look towards the future with great confidence.

(Archetypes, focus groups with customized picture sorting technique, mindset)

insight story

It takes hunters and gatherers to make green energy happen.

Producers of solar energy are hunters. Storing energy is the business of gatherers. Both target groups are psychologically different and require different communication approaches.

(Archetypes, focus groups, communication and product planning)

insight story

A color says more than a thousand words.

When researchers from different countries share a lab, colors are a universal language that even the facility manager understands. Keys in different colors mark different labs and access areas.

(Obvious argument, workshop, client-centered product development)

insight story

Each brand has the craftsman it deserves.

Craftsmen prefer certain brands. It has been shown that craftsmen unconsciously pick up on even the most subtle brand message and express it in their attitudes and performance on the job. This way, craftsmen boost the brand image, including its flaws and downsides.

(Norms and habits, focus groups, image transfer and brand architecture)

insight story

Erectile dysfunction is a lifestyle.

Interviews with urologists reveal that men who suffer from erectile dysfunction also suffer from stress, tend to have affairs or are generally more promiscuous.

(Obvious arguments, suppressed trauma, duo interviews, market potential research)

insight story

Dust can be heard.

The quality of a vacuum cleaner is judged by the crackling sound in the hose.

(Sensory stimulation, in home interviews with product in use, product research)

insight story

In Hamburg it's important how you serve a dish, while in the Ruhr region it's more important what you serve.

Table culture is treated differently in various regions of Germany. In Hanseatic cities like Hamburg, people cherish a stylish table setting, even if the served dish is rather ordinary. People in the Ruhr region, on the contrary, refrain from staging food.

(Norms and habits, in-home interviews, focus groups with setting tables, product research)

insight story

Medical doctors and craftsmen don’t have emancipated customers.

When a doctor suggests a therapy or a craftsman suggests a certain brand, patients and customers perceive these suggestions as neutral recommendations.

(Norms and habits, individual interviews, focus groups, communication planning)

insight story

You can sell anything to pregnant women over a certain age.

Women who have their first baby late in life will do anything to ensure a good birth and a healthy child. Gynecologists can provide special offers to meet the needs of older mothers.

(Obvious arguments, individual interviews, product research)

insight story

People who surf the web don’t read what they see.

When searching the web for information, most people don’t really process the information they find and therefore make pseudo-rational decisions.

(Sensory stimulation, obvious arguments, user experience research)

insight story

Press fittings are not manly.

Experienced plumbers join copper pipes with fittings. These are traditionally soldered. There are also fittings that are pressed, but pressing is easy and goes against a plumber’s professional honor. However, you can motivate plumbers to use press fittings by offering them a very masculine pressing tool.

(Self-image, focus groups, product research)

insight story

Career and family are irreconcilable.

Mothers who don’t set clear priorities on what comes first – work or family – fail to be perfect in both worlds.

(Norms and habits, in-home visits, mindset of target groups)

insight story

How a roll of paper saved an advertising concept.

The advertisement of a building society shows a construction site where a man stands on a ladder looking down at a concrete floor. The ad doesn’t communicate. With a paper roll under his arm, the man becomes the owner of the building and makes the ad a success.

(Obvious arguments, focus groups, advertising planning)

insight story

How a small advertising agency packs a punch.

It’s hard for any advertising agency to convey its competence. The “punch” of the boxing terminology becomes the theme for a small agency and delivers new leads.

(Archetypes, workshop, positioning)

insight story

Household insurance insures the irreplaceable.

People who take out a household insurance policy have the emotional value of their belongings in mind.

(Obvious arguments, in-home interview with photo documentary, product planning)

insight story

How the color black turns a car into a brand.

A car manufacturer with outdated models remembers its origins, bridging the time gap before new models are marketed. An almost completely black advertising campaign helps build an exclusive image and raise the interest of the target group.

(Sensory stimulation, archetypes, norms and habits, individual interviews, focus groups, communication and brand strategy)

insight story

Trucking companies have emotions.

The purchase of a new truck follows a predefined set of requirements. But in the end, everyone wants to be King of the Road.

(Archetypes, norms and habits, focus groups, individual interviews, brand positioning)

insight story

Good coffee isn’t about taste.

When you want to drink a good cup of coffee, you’re looking for an olfactory experience. So communication should not talk as much about the taste of coffee, but rather the aroma.

(Sensory experience, focus groups, communication research)

insight story

Cats belong on a roof – but only in France.

Many cat owners love the freedom of their cats. But in each country, cat lovers have different ideas about how to allow their velvet-pawed friends this special freedom.

(Archetypes, individual interviews, international research)

insight story

Good perfume unfold its bouquet in the subconscious mind.

The preference for a certain fragrance is based on the bottle, the brand and the advertising. The perfume may become a new classic if an archetypal story is told and the scent triggers basic memories.

(Archetypes, focus groups, product development)

insight story

Repressed mother conflicts are resolved while doing household chores.

Women experience their roles in very different ways when doing household chores. Depending on their relationships with their mothers they feel like either slobs, slaves or great housewives. Some would rather leave all it behind. Brands can help by using appropriate key signals.

(Suppressed traumata, focus group, mindset)

insight story

Intestinal polyps encourage men.

Men who are afraid of colon cancer don’t go to prevention screenings because they feel that would be a confession of their own anxieties. But if the cancer screening is framed as an act of bravery and the communication talks about polyps instead of cancer, men will be more motivated to have a colonoscopy.

(Archetype, focus groups, communication research)